How to Defeat Fraudulent Sellers in Nigeria Using Escrow Lock Escrow Service

How to Defeat Fraudulent Sellers in Nigeria Using Escrow Lock Escrow Service

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I’d encourage you to read what I am about putting out and take it seriously if you fall into any of the following categories:

– you sell things online,

– you buy things online,

– you know someone who does any of the above.


One of the major problems we currently face when buying things online is scam.

You can hardly tell which seller is trustworthy.

You can order and pay for an item and the seller will deliver something else, maybe of lesser quality.


If you are unfortunate, the seller will run away with your money and completely block you from reaching them.

This happens a lot of times and is seriously affecting everyone including genuine sellers who are doing their best to earn through positive means.


As a seller, sometimes you want to send your product to your customers so that they can pay you when they receive it.
So you pay for transporting the product to the customer.

A lot of times, the customer loses interest and decides not to pick the calls of delivery agents or exhibit other funny character.

So you have to pay another transport cost to receive your product, thereby incurring annoying losses.

Sometimes, if you are unlucky, you may even lose the product and get no payment from the buyer (especially when you are selling on credit).


Now I came across a solution that I find very interesting.

The solution is a company called EscrowLock.

I got to know about them when I read some news making rounds about a company in Nigeria that received funding from Facebook, so I wanted to know what company it is, because, frankly, only very credible companies can get such recognition from a global brand like Facebook.

I saw that they have won Awards from other organizations too aside Facebook because of the huge problem of fraud they are trying to tackle,  so they are verified and safe to use.

So EscrowLock is the trusted middleman that you can use when making payment to any seller in order to protect yourself and avoid being scammed.

The idea is that, instead of paying directly to the seller, which is quite risky, you make the payment to EscrowLock, where it will be temporarily “locked” and held on behalf of the seller, until the seller is able to deliver the product in question to you.

If the seller delivers something else, they don’t get their money.
So if the seller fails to deliver the product, EscrowLock returns your money.

You are protected as a buyer.

As a seller, the advantage you have when the buyer uses EscrowLock is that, once the buyer makes payment to EscrowLock, you know that the buyer really means business (because they cannot take back the money unless you fail to deliver the product).

This helps you sieve off unserious and fake buyers who waste your resources or even defraud you of your products.

Also, you will not have to sell on credit thereby saving you the stress of pestering a buyer for your money, which can be a painful experience.

So, if you ever feel unsure when trying to buy something online, always insist on using EscrowLock to make your payment.

If the seller disagrees, then that is a big red flag and you should run.

Same applies if you are a seller and the buyer is reluctant to use this method.

Alright, that’s all for this piece.

You can learn about EscrowLock by visiting their website at

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24th April 2024 7:24 am